Australia Business Talent VISA

Australia offers opportunity for successful business people from across the world to invest in the region. The Australian Business Talent visa is an ideal option for competent business owners to explore and contribute to the success of a new or existing Australian business. This is a permanent visa and requires State or Territory government sponsorship.

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Australia has a comprehensive economic policy framework in place. The economy is globally competitive and remains an attractive destination for investment. Australia has a sound, stable and modern institutional structure that provides certainty to businesses.

Australian Business Talent Visa Basic Requirements

Business people who are less than 55 years of age can apply the Business Talent (Migrant) visa. However, if the business people are 55+ years of age, with State or Territory government sponsorship can also avail this program. While applying for this visa, applicants should also propose a detailed business proposal. Since this is a permanent visa, they should be able to demonstrate that they have adequate assets to settle in Australia. Applicants should produce evidence that in their main business, they have been able to generate a turnover of AUD$3,000,000 (minimum) for at least 2 of the preceding 4 years.

Australian Business Talent Visa Entitlements

Australian Business Talent visa holders are entitles to enjoy permanent residence of Australia. Just as permanent residents, holders of this visa are permitted to live, study and work in Australia, permanently. They can also avail the advantages that give access to certain social security benefits, government-subsidized healthcare (Medicare), and the opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship.

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